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Building & Site Drawings

This page contains links to architectural drawings for those of you who are interested in historical information about Ekahi's property development. We've digitally preserved these documents for public use.

Electrical Distribution Plan Quantrant II, Wailea Ekahi II, Pages 4, Light, Telephone, Power, Pullbox, conduit, Construction 1975, scaled drawings, topo map, All 54 buildings.

Irrigation Plan 1975, Watering schedule, controllers, gate valves, valve boxes

Site Utility, Sewer lines, as-built, 1974

Irrigation detail plan, landscaping, grass limits

Grading Plan 1975, typical slope protection, existing/finish contours, grade and sewer, construction drawings

Planting Plan, landscape, grass, coconut, Quad 1, Ekahi 2, 1974, irrigation plan, landscaping plan detailed/

Construction Drawing, Plot Plan, Grading Plan, Road Plan, Electrical Distribution Plan, Catch Basin, Fire Hydrant, Lattice/Trellis/Posts detail

Site Plan, Lighting, Telephone, Transformer, TV, Conduit, Irrigation plan

Site Plan 2001, 1974, Construction, Catch Basin, Landscape, Drainage System, Parking

Resurfacing Plan, Sq Yd of pavement, parking lot SF, Concrete Curb layout, site plan Phase I, II, III

Unit Types, Unit Plan Detailed for S, 1-2T, 1-1, , Materials, Finish Schedule

Final Construction Plans, 1975

Included with every Ekahi home, Elevations, Sanitary Sewer lines, Ekahi building layout, lanais, trellis, property lines, site plan

Storm drain manhole, retaining wall, concrete jacket detail, cart path, water, road section, road parking path wall sewer detail, sewer line, storm drain and sewer line, plan and profile

Typical Power Schematic, Electrical Plan & Details, Unit plan

Irrigation System Conversion 1979, roads parking water

Pathway system, paved area

Roofing, re-roofing, Building exterior elevation, detail, flashing, incredible detail, 1995, Approved material storage areas

Unit Mechanical, dryer, vents, ducts, floor plans, unit electrical plan, single line diagram and details, tree detail, light fixture schedule

Comprehensive Package: Unit Plumbing and Electrical, floor plans, unit plans, building plans, exterior door & window details, shutter, bath and lavatory plans, kitchen plans, building sections, exterior elevations, interior elevations, exterior details, interior details, misc site structures, beach pavilion floor and roof plan, beach pavilion elevations, beach pavion exterior details and roof details, Floor plans unit types 1-2T, 1-2T-R,1-2A, 1-2B, 1-2A-R, 1-2B-R, 2-2, 2-2R, 2-2 1/2T, Trellis details, As-Built Drawings All Buildings. (47 pages)

Final Construction Plans, Sewer, Sales & Reception Center, exterior elevations, interior and finish, building 18 detailed floor plan and elevations.

Unit plans, building sections, exterior elevations, misc site structures, garbage and maid's room, pool equipment, interior elevations, exterior details trellis lattice, interior plans

Comprehensive Package, Architectural, structural, electrical, site, mechanical, landscape, grading, water, sewer

Pavilion Plans, Pavilion Foundation plans, Unit plans, building sections, exterior elevations, misc site structures, garbage and maid's room, pool equipment, interior elevations, exterior details trellis lattice, interior plans

Shop drawings plans, workshop, maintenance shop 1978

Building 7, 9, 12, 16, 3, 15, 4, more, floor and roof framing, pad, typical foundation, misc typical details, transverse sections, longitudinal sections, beach pavilion roof framing,

Plans for Ekahi 2, Storm drain manhole detail, floor plans roof plans, exterior door and window details, shutter details, unit plans, kitchen, finish schedule, exterior elevations, interior elevations, misc site structures, garbage rooms,

Download all documents as a zip file (650 MB)
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