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Apartment Remodeling Updates

Unit Type Work Description Status Start Date Completion Date Revised Completion Date
2CMajor 2Renovate kitchen, bath; replace flooring; replace ceilings01 Mar 201815 Sep 2018
3AMinorReplace carpet in LR with hard wood PVC flooring19 Jul 201820 Jul 2018
22AMinorReplace screen door, install lanai fan, int. & ext. painting, etcContinuation from prior Application to Alter23 Apr 201829 Jun 2018
28AMajor 1Add floor-ceiling kitchen cabinet; replace 2 DR jalousie windowsTiming of work due to product availability15 Sep 201830 Nov 2018
28DMajor 2Replace 2 jalousie windows in DR, replace bottom wood frameNeed to reschedule-contractor got wrong size windows02 Apr 201806 Apr 2018
35BMajor 2Remove partial wall kitchen/hallway, replace doors/windowsReplace slab sewer pipes, new cabinetry, remove popcorn ceiling, 16 Jul 201830 Nov 2018
49BMajor 2Remove popcorn ceilings, bath reno, kitchen reno, new fans/lights17 Sep 201816 Nov 2018
51FMajor 1Replace master and guest bathroom cabinets and counter tops.20 Sep 201815 Oct 2018

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