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Quick Contacts:

(all numbers are 808 area code)

Ekahi Manager:


Ekahi Security:





Hawaiian Telcom:(hawaiiantel.com)


Maui Electric (MECO):(www.heco.com)


Oceanic - Time Warner:(www.oceanic.com)



Kihei Clinic:


Maui Medical Group at Wailuku


Kihei - Wailea Medical Center


Maui Memorial Hospital


Local Links

This list of selected local links is for information only. We make no recommendations or guarantees regarding any products or services offered by the sites referred to here. By following the links below you will be leaving the Ekahi AOAO site.

Local Conditions &
General Information
Hawai`i Visitors and Convention Bureau

Maui weather

Maluhia (homes adjacent to Ekahi)

WCA (Wailea Community Association)

GolfBC (owner of Wailea Golf & Tennis Facilities)

The Shops of Wailea

Local Government
County of Maui

Maui Chamber of Commerce

State of Hawai`i

Real Estate Commission

State of Hawaii Dept of Taxation

Public Education
University of Hawai`i

Maui Community College

Department of Education

Public Transportation

Maui Bus (Info & Schedule)

TheBus routes (Honolulu)

InterIsland Air Travel

Hawaiian Airlines

Internet Service Providers

Pacific Info Exchange


Road Runner

Local Media: Newspapers
The Maui News

Honolulu Advertiser

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Broadcast Television
Maui Community Television


KHET: Public TV




Cable TV/Internet

Oceanic Cable  808-643-8510
(provides basic cable & high speed Internet to all Ekahi Condos)

TV Listings

TV Listings by Oceanic

TV Guide

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Important Information

The following Information is provided for the benefit of owners and guests staying at Wailea Ekahi Village.

Tips for Condos:

Preventing Ekahi AOAO Emails from Landing in your Junk Folder
To ensure you always receive emails from Ekahi AOAO, please add info@ekahiaoao.com to your contacts or address book.

Ekahi Recycle Guidelines
Glass Bottles - please rinse and remove tops. NO light bulbs mirrors, or window glass

Paper - The following are ok to recycle: newspapers, white & colored paper, magazines, junk mail. NO cardboard, cereal boxes, beer or soda containers, or books

Aluminum - Aluminum Cans or rinsed Pie Plates only. NO TIN cans

Plastic - #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, & #7 only - all rinsed cleaned and No bottle tops

Apartment Damage Problems
Water damage represents approximately 90% of all losses encountered for condominium associations in Hawaii. One of the major problems with water damage is the mold that forms from the water. Mold can begin forming within 48 hours, if water is left standing in our hot and humid climate. Most insurance policies either exclude mold or have very limited coverage. Therefore it is important to prevent the loss or remediate the loss as soon as possible.
The Ekahi AOAO master insurance policy has a $20,000 deductable for water damage. Owners should be aware of the $20,000 liability potential.


Provide regular inspections of the hoses that supply water to your washing machines, dish washers, sinks, toilets, and icemaker. Be sure that these hoses do not show signs of wear and tear. Consider replacement with metal-mesh encased hoses.

The shut off valves for water to the washing machine, dishwasher, sinks, toilets and icemaker should be checked to be sure they easily open or close. Also, check for rust or corrosion which could be sign that they might need to be replaced.

Inspect your water heater for rust and corrosion. Also, inspect all the connections for the water heater. If the water heater is past the warranty period or over 7 years old, consider replacement.

Run Air conditioning at a level that does not create excessive condensation. Also check the condensation drain line. These lines can easily become clogged and a condensation leak can cause significant damage over time.

If a water leak develops in your apartment and cannot be stopped by one of the shut off valves within your apartment, please call the office immediately at (808) 879-2770 or after hours call security at (808) 280-7198.

If your apartment is going to be unoccupied for a few days, consider turning off the water to the appliances, sink, toilet, etc. If your apartment has its own shut-off valve for water, turn it off!

If your apartment is going to be unoccupied for long periods of time, you should have it checked on a regular basis. Also, water sensing devices that can detect moisture and sound an alarm are available at most hardware stores.

Tips for best TV and Computer Reception on Oceanic Resort Cable Service at Ekahi
At the point of Oceanic Cable's entry, inside the condo, it is typical to have one or more Cable splitters installed. These divide the signal and send it on to multiple TV's, Computers, Video Recorders, etc. In most cases there will be a couple of 2 way, or 3 way splitters. (small metal cable connector devices). When splitters are used there is a loss of signal strength for all attached TV's and Computers that are connected from that splitter and beyond: the more splitters, the more loss. The more loss, the worse the computer and TV reception may be. It can also make a difference in performance if computers and multiple TV's are on at the same time.

Steps that can be taken to locate problems and improve reception:

a. Check all of the cable connectors and connections on all splitters, cable ends, TV's and Computers. Loose connections are the single most frequent cause of signal loss problems.

b. Make sure there are no kinks in the Coaxial cable and that is located as far away as possible from electrical transformers, power strips, and electrical extension cords. Also make sure that no metal staples are used to attach the cable to walls, etc.

c. Remove any 'daisy chained splitter' set-ups (splitters feeding splitters). Only 1 splitter should be used with a single home run of cable to a Computer or TV.

d. Try turning off all computers and TV's except the one you are using. Does the performance improve?

e. Try connecting a good TV or Computer directly to the cable where it first enters the condo. You will probably have to remove some splitters to do this. Does the performance improve on the good TV or Computer?

f. Replace any inexpensive (Radio Shack, etc.) splitters with high grade, low loss, splitters. You can purchase Monster's low loss RF Cable splitter through Amazon.com (TGHZ , 2RF, 2 Gigahertz, Low Loss Splitter) This is a 2 way splitter, similar 3 way splitters are also available.

g. Make the TV or Computer Router that is giving you the most trouble as the first device served off of the first splitter. Any Computer Router will usually want to be located where the cable first enters the condo ' not down the line after multiple splitters.

h. Have an Oceanic Cable technician visit the location and measure the signal strength both at the point of entry and at the locations where TV's or Computers are connected. If the signal strength entering the condo is below 10db (it shouldn't be), try asking the technician to install at 10 to 15 db unidirectional powered cable amplifier at their expense.

i. You may need to replace some of the Coaxial Cable inside the condo with higher quality cables. If you do, use only RG6 grade do not use RG59.

j. Where runs of Coaxial cable exceed 25', you may need to purchase a Radio Shack signal amplifier. However, this option will not correct a dirty or already noisy signal. It will only boost a weak signal.

k. If none of these steps work, you may need to purchase higher speed service from Oceanic Cable for your condo.

As a reminder to all Ekahi owners, Ekahi units continue to have small and large water leaks from toilet wax rings, supply lines which include washing machines, toilet and sink supply lines, dishwashers, ice maker lines, and water heaters. These items should be checked regularly by your maintenance person, at minimum at least twice a year. Water heaters should be replaced every 5 to 7 years, especially if you have a top floor unit. When these appliances and/or supply lines fail they cause unnecessary expense and cause major inconveniences for owners and guests.
After replacing a water heater please make certain that a date of purchase/installation is printed on the heater or noted in your maintenance records for easy reference in the future. Water detectors should also be installed and working properly-- Jerry Burrell

--IN EKAHI-- UPDATED LIST OF SERVICE PROVIDERS AND VENDORS IS JUST OUT--ALSO HOW TO "TRACK YOUR ANNUAL INSPECTIONS" LIST NOW AVAILABLE--Go to Your Ekahi Owner Central Website for an updated list of Contractors, Painters, Electricians, Appliance Repairmen, Concrete, Tile, Lanai Door Vendors, Handymen, Locksmiths, Carpet Cleaners, Air Conditioning Service, Wallpaperers, Windows and Glass and other vendors who have provided services. First, go to Ekahi Owner Central; then Forms and Useful Resources; then Service Providers and Vendors.
Also there's a new Routine Annual Inspection form--all the things you need to do to help prevent surprises.

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