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e komo mai

Welcome to the Official Wailea Ekahi website, authorized by the Board of Directors of the Association of Apartment Owners (AOAO) of Wailea Ekahi. The Board of Directors offers this Website in the hope that it will provide our owners and guests with up to date information regarding Wailea Ekahi.

Who we are

Wailea Ekahi is a privately owned condominium community located, ocean front, on Keawakapu Beach in sunny South Maui. The property includes 54 low rise buildings, with 294 apartment units, located on 34.5 acres.

Widely known and appreciated for our extensive and beautifully landscaped gardens full of tropical color and exotic bird life, Ekahi Village residents also enjoy exclusive use of shuffle board and paddle tennis courts, 4 swimming pools, and our ocean front recreation pavilion.

Our General Manager actively manages the property with the help of his staff. His office and staff services are for the exclusive benefit of our owners and guests.

Sunset at Ekahi

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