Introductory Provisions
Association of Owners
Board of Directors
Use and Maintenance of the Premises
Common Expenses, Apartment Expenses and Taxes
Insurance and Restoration
General Provisions
House Rules
Apartment Alterations Manual

Wailea Ekahi Bylaws

The links below point to the latest versions of the 2nd Restated Bylaws of The Association of Apartment Owners of Wailea Ekahi, Recorded Jan 3, 2008, the Certification of Amendment to the Second Restated By-Laws recorded Feb 5, 2009, and Article VII entitled "Insurance and Resotration" amended in its entirety.

 2nd Restated Bylaws adopted Nov 8, 2007

 Certification of Amendment to the Second Restated Bylaws, adopted Jan 14, 2009

 Article VII Restated, as recorded Jul 13, 2011

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